RS402 Series - Adult

RS402 Series - Adult

ROARING FORTIES™ PFDs are light in air & in water. Hence it is very comfortable to wear them for longer periods. It will also provide a high & safe free float in water (ie the vertical distance between the mouth & the surface of the water). Our PFDS will right a person in a safe inclined angle.

By using a specialised uncoated warp knit polyester fabric, ROARING FORTIES™ PFDs (Type 1, 2 & 3) has very good permeability of water in and out of the fabric & thus providing stability in performance & consistency in buoyancy.

Our fabric has a colour fastness to light reading of 4-5 on a Blue Wool Standard & colour fastness to seawater reading of 4-5 on a grey scale. With these inherent features, ROARING FORTIES™ PFDs perform much better than others when exposed to the above conditions. Apart from fungus resistant, Roaring Forties fabric is more resistant to chlorine attack than the average fabric.

ROARING FORTIES™ PFDs use loose sheets of closed cell foam.  This ensures Roaring Forties™ PFDs are soft, light, durable, dependable and very comfortable to wear over long periods. Also the soft touch is design to prevent serious injury when alighting a craft.

ROARING FORTIES™ being outcome focus, also caters for larger sizes people & people with disabilities.

ROARING FORTIES™ RS400 series Type 3 PFD for Child and Adult is a middle range PFD Type 3 for skiing. It has a 4 straps buckle system. This light weight PFD holds well to the body with the 4 buckles system.


Model Part No. Size Weight Crotch Strap Grab Handle
RS402S SJ402-0 S-M 40-60kg Optional No
RS402L SJ402-1 L-XL 60kg & over Optional No
RS402XXL SJ402-1 XXL 60kg & over Optional No
RS402XXXL SJ402-2 XXXL 60kg & over Optional No


SKU SJ402-010
Weight 1.00 kg
Our price: AUD 60.00
Crotch Strap
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: *
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