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Tropical Saver Series

Tropical Saver Series

ROARING FORTIES™ TSV1060 is Australian Standard approved as 150N PFD/lifejacket.However, it has a buoyancy in excess of 186 Newtons.This has the same properties as the popular ROARING FORTIES™ SMA1060 series except that the valise is sewn onto a mesh vest. Like all our inflatables, it is relatively light weight & is very economical to repair or service.

The TSV1060 series is a mesh vest design inflatable PFD which makes donning simple and effortless.  This PFD when donned sits above the waist which makes it popular with fishing kayaking.  The PFD comes standard with side pockets on the mesh vest for your fishing kits/emergency items. This inflatable PFD/lifejacket is suitable for all seasons.

Special Features

  • Comfortable and Easy to Don
  • Designed to float an unconscious person to a safe position with the head angled at 45º upwards in the water
  • Freeboard of > 120mm
  • Side Pockets
  • Front Detachable Bag for Tackle Box (Optional)
  • Able to withstand 10 psi of pressure
  • Can withstand 200,000 flex cycles without physical impairment
  • Reliable & Durable
  • Light weight
  • Has a grab handle
  • Suitable for person 40kg & over
  • Available in NOMEX or PU Coated Nylon Valise (Navy Blue/Olive Green)
  • Version for Left-Handed person available
  • Available in Manual & Auto Inflation
  • Service and Repair friendly
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