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Lifebuoy Light LED

Lifebuoy Light LED

The lifebuoy light is suitable to be installed on all kinds of lifebuoys.

It meets the latest SOLAS regulations and has MED approval. 

 The unit  is activated by gravity switch. When the light is attached with lifebuoy and is thrown into the water, it can be automatically activated to output flashing white light as soon as the head of light floats upright on water.

It can be seen from at least 2km distance in 360° directions so that it can indicate the exact position of lifebuoy for the rescuer. And the light will be turned off automatically as soon as the head of light is downward, which can extend its effective operation life to increase the success chance of survivors.  

 The alkaline battery supplied can be replaced after use, so it is particularly suitable for lifebuoy used in the leisure market. 

 The exposed materials are UV and corrosion resistant. The light is sealed completely with advanced buoyancy so that the head of light always floats above the water surface


Technical Parameter

·Lamp:                     LED

·Chromaticity:          White

·Battery:                    Alkaline battery

·Function:                 Flashing

·Flash Frequency:     50~70times/min

·Luminous Intensity:   ≥2.0cd


  Life:           ≧16h over 2.0cd


Temperature:             -1℃ ~ +30℃


Temperature:            -30℃ ~ +65℃

·Expiry Date:              Light body 5 years

   Battery should be replaced every year or after each use


  Main body:               Φ60*144mm

·Weight:                      145g (including clip )


  Performance:            Meet RoHS and asbestos-free requirement

·Certificate:                 MED by RINA

Weight 0.15 kg
Our price: AUD 24.99
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