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Marine Saver Vest MkIII

Marine Saver Vest MkIII


is a sleeveless/detachable zip-off sleeves vest made from

premium oxford nylon fabric. Polar fleece material on the

collar and deep front pockets are some of the features

this vest has to offer. The Inflatable PFD/Lifejacket sits on

the vest.

Our Marine Saver vest is Australian Standard (AS1512)

approved and exceeds the150N buoyancy. This vest is

unique in that the bladder when inflated is visible on

the outside of the vest. This makes the vest less encumbering

than those vests with the bladders housed between the skins

of the vest fabric. In addition, our vest is non constrictive

to your chest ie will not hinder your breathing movement.

This design will provide very stable flotation and will right an 

unconscious person in a safe floating postion ie face up at an

inclined angle.

Our vest is also modular. Any minor addendums can be

easily achieved without impairing the performance of the

vest. It is very economical to service & repair.


Special Features

  • Comfortable and Easy to Don
  • Designed to float an unconscious person to a safe position with the head angled at 45º upwards in the water
  • Freeboard of > 120mm
  • Collar adjustment buckle strap
  • Able to withstand 10 psi of pressure
  • Can withstand 200,000 flex cycles without physical impairment
  • Reliable & Durable
  • Light weight
  • Has a grab handle
  • Suitable for person 40kg & over
  • Available in different colours
  • Version for Left-Handed person available
  • suitable for all seasons
  • deep front pockets for valueables
  • Sizes to suit everyone (larger sizes can be arranged upon order)
  • Available in Manual & Auto Inflation
  • Service and Repair friendly


SKU VES1062-2720
Weight 2.00 kg
Our price: AUD 445.00
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