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Rapid Ditch Express Bag

Rapid Ditch Express Bag

Store all of your important personal items and survival gear in the new ACR RapidDitch™ Express abandon ship bag.  This compact and buoyant safety tool conveniently keeps all your essential safety gear organized and together allowing for quick access in an emergency situation.  This rugged bag features all of the pockets, tethers and loops you need to keep safety gear at the ready.

With added buoyancy, the RapidDitch will float up to 15 lbs of gear and the new reflective material assist in being spotted by Search and Rescue forces. The tough water resistant fabric and self-repairing, corrosion resistant zippers stand up to the harshest of elements. The RapidDitch Express makes your entire safety gear portable so that you can easily transport everything from boat to boat.

Stay together and within arm's length of the RapidDitch Express with the new innovative shoulder strap tethering system. Simply unhook the straps and they quickly transforms into two 4 foot safety harnesses designed to keep everyone connected while in the water.



Weight 1.00 kg
Our price: AUD 138.80
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