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Infant Minnow Vest 10-20Kg

Infant Minnow Vest  10-20Kg


PFD 10-15 KG 


ROARING FORTIES™ MINNOW VEST PFD is certified as a Level 150 CHILD PFD to AS 4758.1 and ISO 12402-3 .

The MINNOW is suitable for Infants from 10-15 kg in mass.


The bladder used in the Minnow PFD is designed to give a close fit around the neck when inflated to ensure that the child's head is kept well above the water and places the child in a safe floating position. 
If the child accidently falls into the water the MINNOW is fitted with a water activated inflator so will automatically inflated within 5 seconds of the PFD being immersed in water.
The MINNOW has 90N 
of buoyancy and will right a child onto its back within only a few seconds if the child falls face down and makes it quite difficult for the child to roll face down.
The minnow also comes with a crotch strap to prevent the PFD from riding up in a vertical position in the water
Special Features
  • Water / Manual Activation modes
  • Comfortable and Easy to Don
  • Designed to float an unconscious child to a safe position with  the head angled at 45º upwards in the water
  • High Freeboard     
  • Crotch Strap
  • Able to withstand 10 psi of pressure
  • Can withstand 200,000 flex cycles without physical impairment
  • Reliable & Durable
  • Light weight
  • Has a grab handle
  • Suitable for children  10 - 15 kg
  • Service and Repair friendly




Weight 0.60 kg
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