SMA2000 series

SMA2000 series


ROARING FORTIES™ SMA2000 series dual buoyancy inflatable life jackets are approved by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA - ATSO 1C13).

There are many versions of SMA2000 aviation lifejackets. However they all operate with the same system ie with two 18g disposable CO2 cylinders.It has an oral tube, whistle & water activated light.the lifejacket has a buoyancy of 195 Newtons (44lb or 19.95kg) after 24 hours. It takes 3 seconds to right an unconscious individual to an altitude of at least 30 degrees to the vertical with the mouth & nose well clear of the water. SMA2000 has good rear & lateral support & is stable in either direction.

The lifejacket bladder is welded with a 6mm bar die & the bladder has the ability to withstand 10 psi of pressure.

The SMA2000 series is available in many packing configurations  for different application requirements.


Flame retardant Airline Bag (Seat Stowage Type Packaging)

Part Number: SMA2000-1

Service Life: 5 Years from NEW. Should the package been compromised, it should be checked by an authorised service technician.

The inflatable lifejacket SMA 2000 is housed in the sealed flame retardant bag. To use, just tear open the sealed bag using the red tag. Follow the instructions on the lifejacket for donning.

 This lifejacket is designed for passenger use.


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