RL110 Series - Child

RL110 Series - Child

ROARING FORTIES™ RL110 series are light in air & in water.  Hence it is comfortable to wear them for longer periods.  It will also provide a high & safe freeboard in water (ie. the vertical distance between the mouth & the surface of the water). Our RL100 series PFDS will right a person in a safe inclined angle.

By using a specialised uncoated warp knit polyester fabric, ROARING FORTIES™ RL110 series PFDs has excellent permeability of water in and out of the fabric & thus providing stability in performance & consistency in buoyancy.

Our fabric has a colour fastness to light reading of 4-5 on a Blue Wool Standard & colour fastness to seawater reading of 4-5 on a grey scale. With these inherent features, ROARING FORTIES™ RL110 series PFDs perform much better than others when exposed to the above conditions. Apart from fungus resistant, ROARING FORTIES™ fabric has more resistant to chlorine attack than the average fabric.


ROARING FORTIES™ PFDs use loose sheets of closed cell foam.  This ensures ROARING FORTIES™ PFDs are soft, light, durable, dependable and very comfortable to wear over long periods. Also the soft touch is design to prevent serious injury when alighting a craft.

ROARING FORTIES™ being outcome focus, also caters for larger sizes people & people with disabilities.

PFD Type 1 has a collar and has also a higher buoyancy rating than a PFD 2 or 3. It is generally used for yachting & other general boating activities.

Our emphasis is on comfort & lightness in air and in water.  ROARING FORTIES™ RL110 series PFD Type 1 for Children & Adults is a deluxe model.  Fabric is quilted (reinforced) & expandable to a certain length on the sides.  It can be fastened up with a zip & 3 straps buckle system.  It has also more reflective tape area.  The ROARING FORTIES™ RL110 series is also popular with the whitewater rafting operating for its durability and comfort.


Model Part No. Size Weight Crotch Strap Grab Handle
RL113 LJ113 XS 10-15kg Yes Optional
RL112 LJ112 S-M 12-25kg Yes Optional
RL111 LJ111 L 22-40kg Optional Optional


SKU LJ11#11
Weight 0.50 kg
Our price: AUD 92.00
Grab Handle
Crotch Strap (included for XS and S-M)
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